The Julius Axelrod Award in Pharmacology was established to honor the memory of the eminent American pharmacologist who shaped the fields of neuroscience, drug metabolism and biochemistry and who served as a mentor for numerous eminent pharmacologists around the world. The Julius Axelrod Award is presented annually for significant contributions to understanding the biochemical mechanisms underlying the pharmacological actions of drugs and for contributions to mentoring other pharmacologists.

The award consists of an honorarium of $5,000, a medal, and travel expenses for the winner and spouse to the Experimental Biology annual meeting. Beginning in 2007, the Axelrod Medal became the Julius Axelrod Award of American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET). The recipient of this award will present a formal lecture at the Experimental Biology meeting and a less formal talk at the Catecholamine Society dinner held during the meeting.

For more information and guidelines for nomination visit http://www.aspet.org/public/awards/axelrod_award.html.

History of the Award

Julius Axelrod Award Medalists

The Catecholamine Society initiated the Julius Axelrod Award in 1991. The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) assumed the award in 2007.

2016 Paul Insel, MD
2015 Jean Rossier, MD, PhD
2014 Jeffrey Benovic, PhD
2013 Lee Limbird, PhD
2012 Gavril Pasternak, MD, PhD
2011 Elaine Sanders Bush
2010 Brian Kobilka
2009 Palmer Taylor
2008 Randy Blakley
2007 Tong Joh
2006 Susan Amara
2005 Marc Caron
2004 Richard Palmiter
2003 Richard Weinshilboum
2002 Salomon Langer
2001 Toshi Nagatsu
2000 Erminio Costa
1999 Solomon Snyder
1998 Sidney Spector
1995 Irvin Kopin
1994 Robert Furchgott
1993 Norman Weiner
1992 Arvid Carlsson
1991 Ullrich Trendelenberg


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